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tonsillitis symptoms


tonsillitis symptoms 
Tonsils are fleshy blocs appear almonds in form in the back of the mouth on the sides, the different size of the tonsils of children, are large in some children without inflammation, while smaller in size in other children.

Tonsils can be seen clearly when looking in the mouth open with a light battery.

The tonsils to defend the body, with the formation of antibodies to the bacteria that enter through the upper respiratory tract.

tonsillitis symptoms 

When the child (or the great) with tonsillitis, complains of the following symptoms:

1. pain and difficulty swallowing.
2. high temperature.
3. pain in muscles and joints.
4. sense of fatigue.
5. change the voice that seems to be the spokesman was speaking in his mouth a bit of food.
6. appearance of painful on both sides of the lymphocytes glands neck.
7. when testing red tonsils appear and have swollen, white can be covered by points (empyema).
8. some children complain of abdominal pain due to inflammation of the lymph glands in the abdomen.
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The doctor depends on the diagnosis of the situation on the examination of the patient, and the work farm for bacteria after taking a swab from the throat and put it in a small container filled with gelatine material help to the growth of bacteria from the throat.

Gets tonsillitis due to different viruses and bacteria, and the doctor tries to determine whether a bacterial infection bacterial farm work, either viruses cannot be detected in this way.

Causes of tonsillitis 

Tonsillitis is due to different viruses and bacteria and bacterial pathogen is 0 bacteria cluster rotator that can cause complications in heart (rheumatic fever) in the kidneys were not treated in a timely manner.

As for the virus are often not carrying any dangerous patient healing is similar usually after three to four days, but there is a virus called Ebestin bar virus causing monocytes infective disease infectious mononucleosis and this disease is similar to tonsillitis symptoms  but does not respond to antibiotics and does not heal infected before nearly four weeks.


1. the infected tonsils are advised to rest until it returns to its nominal status.

2. can the person that eats normal either couldn't swallow because of the pain she can eat light foods and liquids and cold as ice jelly radiator.

3. the use of analgesics and depressor heat regularly such as paracetamol.
4. the doctor describes antibiotics when anticipating a bacterial infection, in which case you must comply with medical instructions for the specific doses and duration of treatment to prevent the occurrence of resistance of the bacteria in the future. Best antibiotic for bacterial tonsillitis treatment is penicillin, for those who suffer from allergies to penicillin can use property alaoithromaisin.

5. some children and adults needs to perform a tonsillectomy, but this process is not used by doctors in only a few cases of that large has an important role in protecting the body from germs, especially in the first years of life.

6. when single cells as infective disease patient needs to rest in bed for up to a week or two and are advised not to large muscular effort to improve his health, and does not require the use of antibiotics for a viral disease and does not respond to treatment with these medications, the patient could suffer complications when used for some types of antibiotics, so you must consult a doctor before use.

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