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healthy food It has been said brain food recipes that we only use less than 10% of our brain food recipes. If this is true or not, there is no doubt that many people would be able to best use your brain to make the most of your life. In this article, I will list some of the foods that have been proven to help our brain food diet function at its best, and vitamin or mineral considered primary brain food recipes .

healthy food But first , a warning on the information below. The human body is complex, it takes only a few vitamins and minerals that you probably will not be the kind of movie Limitless ( for the unwary , who had the power of super brain). brain food diet The brain food recipes depends on other systems to function properly to even get good nutrition brain food diet. For example, if your digestive system is messed up, and you are not absorbing their food, so all the vitamins or foods can swallow brain food diet probably does not help much .

Also, if you like certain healthy food or drinks that are " anti - brain food recipes " or in other words , inhibit the absorption of nutrients , then you and your brain food recipes is out of luck .

With all that said , the space of this article is not allowed to be close to all the information on each of these nutrients, such as bodily functions provided by each of the symptoms of nutrient deficiency , dosage and other sources , but he may have been visiting the website below. I 'All cover these plant sources are vitamins and minerals that are good for the brain food recipes, and some examples of therapeutic applications.brain food recipes

In addition, this list is in alphabetical order, not in order of importance.

Vitamin B or Thiamine is reached from these brain food recipes : almonds, asparagus , avocados , brewer's yeast , brown rice ,brain food diet, dried apricots , dried beans and peas , legumes , nuts , peanuts , seeds , soybeans, wheat germ , whole grains and wild rice . It is used in therapeutic applications in heart failure , mental illness , indigestion, to name a few things brain food diet.

Vitamin B or Niacin is important for several vital organs outside the brain food recipes and is found in these brain food recipes : beans , brewer's yeast , dates, dried figs , green leafy vegetables , mushrooms, peas , peanuts, raisins , breads and whole grains . Used therapeutically in mental illness , poor circulation , headaches, and schizophrenia , as well as other ailments.healthy food

Hotline is used in the metabolism of fats , which makes an important element in these brain food recipes : Bran , yeast, leafy greens , lecithin , legumes , nuts, seeds, soy germ wheat . It is used in the treatment of atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries ,brain food diet, headaches , etc. . Being able to properly absorb fat is important in the absorption of all food in the brain.

brain food recipes Chromium is known to be useful in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, and is also a key element of these brain food recipes : vegetables , potatoes, yeast , black pepper , fresh fruit , grapes, green leaves, honey , legumes , mushrooms, nuts, potatoes, raisins, root vegetables , whole wheat and rye grains . It has been used in therapeutic applications for mental illness , among other things.

Inhospitable is a vitamin of the B complex less well known , and is located in these brain food recipes : yeast , citrus, lecithin, nuts, seeds , spinach , sprouts, vegetables, healthy food,seed wheat, and whole grains . It is used in therapeutic applications for atherosclerosis , heart disease , and schizophrenia .brain food recipes

Manganese , another important element of these brain food recipes used in the treatment of mental illness and nervous instability and neuromuscular diseases. Results: almonds , bananas , beans , blueberries , bran, broccoli , buckwheat , carrots , celery , cereals , green leafy vegetables , legumes, nuts, raisins, rhubarb, seeds, wheat germ, whole grains. A cup of pineapple contains 2 mg . manganese.

Phosphorus is the nutrient last on my list, and is located in :brain food diet, yeast , cereals , legumes , nuts, pumpkin seeds , sea vegetables ( douse / seaweed ) , tofu, whole grains and sound wheat beer .

A quick note that I wish to emphasize is that in the above lists brain food recipes are raw materials of these delicious dishes : brain food diet carob fudge, drink " Orange Whip" strawberry cake , "b more " Cheese , oatmeal cookies and date as well as hundreds of other recipes in the book of raw food recipes available on my website below.

Finally, it comes down to taking care of your health on a larger scale than eating some vitamins . Raw and brain food recipes improve digestion and cleanse the blood , which directly affects the brain. When you enter raw foods of brain food diet, it affects the whole body for the better!

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